Finishing the chassis and powersteering

The last time you saw the steeringbox fitted. But we want it up 2 inches so we've cutted everything from the chassis and started again..... This plate will hold the steeringbox Next problem: the droparm of a Range Rover has a balljoint on the end and the arm to the relay on the 101 has one as well. So, we have to change one of them. We made a new balljointholder from chrome-vanadium steel and this will do the job. Sorry for the picture, but I haven't got a better one at this moment. The steeringbox in its place for the second time ;-) This will be the last time!!
6 8 Also repairing the topside of the crossmember. You'll never see it again when the body is fitted. But: we'll know it's there!!! Rear view of the x-member Everything is repaired back to its original state.
View of the powersteeringbox from above. That looks nice ;-)