It's gonna looks like a 101 again!

The engine is removed. We have to fit the torque-convertor. Also we have to make some changes to the chassis for the handbrake. A nice view of the Samurai adaptor and the homemade conversion from the GMC crankshaft to the Land Rover driveplate for the ZF autobox. "Top" view! The torque-convertor is fitted in the ZF.
Putting everything back in the chassis again. A brand new specially made radiator for the heavy 6.5 diesel. Because of the lack of space it was not easy to make a new one. I hope this one will do the job. Here comes Arend with the cab. An exiting moment! Will the cab fit over the engine and the radiator? We'll give it a try.
Cleaning up its royal nose. A lot of crap that we don't need any longer :-) Yep. It's a perfect fit. No need fto change the cab. The radiator is in a perfect place. A lot of radiator behind the BBQ grill ;-) Next Saterday we will start with the steering stuff.